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  Show Review: Faces of Death, Me Te Le, Death Action Squad, Panophobic(?), Maurice's Little Bastards, Dystropy, Hate Mail Killerz
December 31, 2001 at Chloe's House

  Aww yeah, nothing like a house show on the afternoon of new years eve with 7 bands! It starts off with Faces of Death, kids from Milbrae playing oldschool hardcore. Two days ago Robert heckled them about sounding like Negative Approach, but today (maybe it was just the bass players lack of hair?), but I was feeling a bit of Minor Threat. Good stuff, and I think their singer Tom does a zine called Crucial. (Maybe he can answer my eternal question as to why Good Clean Fun don't do a Crucial Youth cover?)

Next up is Me Te Le, which as far as I can remember is the first two person metalcore band I've ever seen. Chris and Will start doing mock hardcore dances in the back of the garage. Meanwhile I'm totally rocking out to the waves of metalcore goodness. Another two person band, Death Action Squad, follows up. This time it's bass and drums, with the bass player/singer sporting a home made motorcyle helmet with two microphones clipped to the front, which was the envy of every kid there. Musically they were a bit difficult to pin down, so I decided the overall vibe was Hard.

Back up to a three piece next, for one of two bands from the Seattle area. Not sure of the first bands name, but Chris told me it was something like Panophobic. It's a bit more of a rock/punk sound, and the the crowd begins to move around a bit. They are followed up by Maurice's Little Bastards, who have four members, and bring more rock/punk, getting folks dancing all over the garage, with antics and mayhem. Towards the end Morgan pulls the pants off of their singer, which leads to the singer swinging from the rafters of the garage over the crowd, wearing only a bandana around his neck...

Dystrophy set up next, more kids from Milbrae, this time playing hyperfast grind. The kids in the audience seem to know most of their songs, and tons of jumping around, grabbing the mic, and the like ensues. Finishing the nite off are the Hate Mail Killers bringing the punk rock played at 99 miles an hour. Several pirate punx are are dancing it up, while the rest of the crowd (ie those of us weighing less than 200 pounds...) keep to the side lines in the interest of our shins. Except for the bass player and guitarist, who run into the crowd almost every other song, killing a few guitar cables, but providing a rockin ending to quite a show. Many thanx to Chloe and everyone else who helped her put this show on...

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